New Century offers solutions that counter and disrupt security threats emanating from the destructive activities of terrorist, insurgent, criminal, narcotic and other networks which undermine a stable society. The methods trained lead to effective nexus targeting, using all sectors to attack such networks.

We create a viable and sustainable framework, based upon extensive doctrine that can continue to be applied and tuned over time to maintain a functional, auditable and accountable intelligence management system.

"[New Century's personnel] were instrumental in uncovering two threatening individuals ... their actions may have prevented an attack against my Marines."
Officer Commanding, US Marine Corps
CIS2 converted

Our SMEs deliver effective intelligence techniques through a range of methods including skills transfer (mentoring, advising, training), extensive doctrine, institutional capacity-building and tailored security solutions.

Our aim is to enhance the capabilities of governments and their agencies to penetrate and dislocate these networks through the introduction of training and mentoring techniques and practices proven in other conflict and challenging environments.