New Century provides the subject matter expertise and experience to design and implement capacity-building programmes for Special Forces.  Our specialist trainers and advisors can support the spectrum of SF capabilities within conventional, counterinsurgency and counterterrorist operations. Example requirements include special forces selection, continuation training, career development, procurement advice, contingency planning and mission rehearsal exercises.  Capabilities comprise: 

“I recognise your company very well as one of the best in the world in the training of Special Operations and Counterterrorism”
Brigadier-General, Special Forces, Jordan
  • Direct action
  • Specialist reconnaissance
  • Surveillance (conventional and covert)
  • Hostage rescue and hostage negotiation
  • Support to police or intelligence organisations
  • Evidence explotation
  • Network attack
  • VIP close protection

Our Subject Matter Experts come from the most experienced and successful military Special Forces, law enforcement and intelligence agencies.  SMEs have been selected for their operational track record, training and mentoring ability.  They are accomplished practitioners in the planning, training and conduct of special operations and have global experience of delivering military aid to the civil power.  These specialists are adept in managing operations where rapid decision-making and a proportionate and appropriate response is required - and accountability demanded.  In turn this expertise informs and provides training appropriate to client organisations.