New Century's team of intelligence, surveillance and counterinsurgency experts, many with a Special Forces pedigree, bring recent and relevant experience from conflict zones across the world.  SMEs work alongside client personnel on a daily basis, typically embedded at every level from ministry to field office, passing on this experience.  They conduct assessments, enhance existing skills, transfer knowledge, advise on operations and introduce and adapt tailored client doctrine to create long-term, robust capacity.

Our personnel are adept at working within multi-agency operating environments, advising on the conduct of combined operations, gradually refocusing efforts within the domestic context from a military lead to police primacy.

"[New Century's] program possesses an unequalled ability to enable [our] police and military intelligence forces to penetrate insurgent and criminal networks."
Commanding General, Afghanistan
Training Mentors
Operational effect is enhanced through national and local tasking and coordination centres.  These centres direct human and technical intelligence collection from different organisations.  Analysis and the subsequent operational activities optimise the tasking and performance of all security sectors.  Advice is also provided on how these centres and agencies interface with national government.

Training is a core component of any methodology design.  Bespoke course schema are derived from doctrine approved at ministerial level.  They are delivered by SMEs with extensive training experience, with the ultimate aim of instructing host nation trainers to manage and deliver their own developmental regime.  To read more about our training services, please click here