MT-Tim-Collins-2014Colonel Tim Collins

OBE BSc MA PSC, Late R Irish  


Colonel Tim Collins is a co-founder and Chairman of New Century, leading the operational direction of the company and the development of new and enhanced services.  Tim is a world-recognised counterinsurgency expert, who gained his substantial experience from his time leading operations in Northern Ireland and hostile environments worldwide, including both Gulf Wars in Iraq.

As Operations Officer of 22 SAS and subsequently Commander of the Royal Irish Regiment in East Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Tim worked closely with the (then) Royal Ulster Constabulary's Special Branch.  In his role as Lieutenant Colonel he was responsible for Special Forces Operations.  Amongst his tasks was a direct responsibility in identifying, locating and detaining Persons Indicted For War Crimes.  

In 2001, he assumed command of 1 R IRISH, where he led the Battalion on further operations in Northern Ireland, for which he was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service.  Later, Tim led 1 R IRISH in their part in Op TELIC, the Liberation of Iraq, for which he was awarded the OBE in 2003.

After promotion to Colonel, Tim was Project Director for the Peace Support Training Centre in Sarajevo, before taking up the appointment of Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, in charge of planning all training for the British Army. He retired from the Army in August 2004.  After leaving the forces, Tim published a book of his time in command, Rules of Engagement, and then turned his attentions to setting up New Century, which has absorbed the majority of his time since 2007.

Tim is noted for his role in the Iraq war in 2003, and his inspirational eve-of-battle speech, a transcript of which apparently hung in the White House's Oval Office.

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