MT-Michael-Grunberg-2014Michael Grunberg


Chief Executive Officer

Michael is co-founder and CEO of New Century, and provides strategic direction on the commercial development of the company, as well as overseeing its operational support activities.

Michael has been involved in the private security arena since the mid-1990's, after beginning his career in the accounting and management consultancy professions.  He holds a degree in Finance and Economics at the London School of Economics and subsequently became as a member of the UK Institute of Chartered Accountants, of which he remains a Fellow, as he is of the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants.

After obtaining his professional qualifications, Michael went on to work within the management and IT consulting world, becoming the partner-in-charge of consulting services at the UK member firm of one of the world's leading accounting practices.  Clients whom he has advised on strategic development include international enterprises such as IBM and British Airways, as well as public sector organizations including the UK Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence.

In the mid-90s he refocused his attentions on the creation of value by building and investing in large-scale commercial projects in developing countries in Africa and the Far East.  He has provided consulting services to a number of political and security-related clients, which allowed him to be at the forefront of the development of the private security services sector, in which he has maintained an active role ever since.