Steve Smith


Human Resources Manager

Steve manages the busy and extensive recruitment Human Resources activities of New Century's intelligence professionals and corporate staff.

Steve's career has predominantly been with the Royal Marines, serving until his retirement in 2007 at the rank of Major.  He saw active service with numerous units from 3 Commando Brigade RM, most notably in Iraq alongside the USMC during the Iraq invasion of 2003.

Throughout his service career he has worked alongside USMC counterparts on operations and exercises and has mentored Exchange Officers at the Commando Training Centre RM.  During a 20-year period he served on eight Operational tours in Northern Ireland in support of the RUC/PSNI in areas as diverse as South Armagh and West Belfast.

Prior to joining New Century in November 2008, Steve was employed within the private security industry leading HR activities for a company supporting USACE contracts throughout Iraq.