Key to New Century's success is our pool of highly specialised operators and intelligence experts who share experience and knowledge of the finely honed capabilities and techniques necessary for applying advanced COIN and CT techniques in conflict environments worldwide.

Our leading expertise is sourced from within law enforcement agencies, security services and the military, focusing on COIN and CT operations and all the relevant specialisms within this broad area.

"Superb execution by top quality people"
Advisor to US Department of Defense Program Office

Our personnel, who are all recognised Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), work alongside our clients' personnel on a daily basis, typically embedded at every level from Ministry to Field Office within the relevant national organisations. They conduct assessments, enhance existing skills, transfer know-how, give advice regarding ongoing operations, adapt and introduce tailored client doctrine, and create long–term capacity.

Mentoring and training teams are critical components of our talent pool, as are cultural advisers (cultural and linguistic experts), compliance officers (who oversee the consistent implementation of our programme content), analysts, doctrine- and course-writers, as well as operational support personnel.

We employ the services of hundreds SMEs.  Please see below some current examples:


Andy Canning, OBE FRGS

Programme Manager

Andy Canning completed 33 years' service in the Royal Marines.  He has considerable experience in emergency planning and response for operational and humanitarian crises.  In 2001 he was awarded an OBE for his contribution to the security and development of nations in Africa following his involvement in the Sierra Leone conflict, humanitarian disaster in Mozambique and defence diplomacy throughout the region.  He became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) in 1997, in recognition of his many global and often charitable adventures.

Andy has been a programme manager with New Century since 2010, coordinating a large intelligence capacity-building training and mentoring effort in Afghanistan.


Joe Napolitano

Programme Mentor, Intelligence Fusion and Operational Coordination specialist

Joe is a former UK Police Detective Inspector, with over 25 years' service in Northern Ireland and overseas.  He was a Silver Commander within the Northern Ireland Tasking and Coordination Group, with extensive experience in managing intelligence-led policing operations to thwart terrorist and serious and organised crime.  Joe was also a police trainer, instructing surveillance duties.  His overseas tours include five years in Kosovo with the United Nations' civilian police at station and regional commander level, undertaking operational duties with the Serbian Police and later in Iraq advising the Iraqi Security Forces.  

Joe has been specialist mentor with New Century since 2008, advising at ministerial level in both Iraq and Afghanistan and has been instrumental in the forming of the central Afghan intelligence fusion and operational coordination centre.


Former Police Officer

HUMINT (Source Operations) Subject Matter Expert

He retired from the Police Service of Northern Ireland in 2010 at the rank of Detective Superintendent.  He completed almost 30 years’ service with the RUC & PSNI, spending 17 years as a senior Detective in Special Branch.  In this role he was involved in covert intelligence-led operations in support of terrorist and serious organised crime investigations; handling, controlling and managing human intelligence sources and the supervision of specialised investigative techniques. Following retirement from the PSNI, he provided risk and security management advice to a UK public utility.  

He joined New Century in 2012 and undertook 18-month management role in Southern Afghanistan within a major intelligence capacity-building programme. Since, he has been involved in the delivery of New Century’s specialist ‘train the trainer’ HUMINT courses to US DoD personnel. 


David Platts

Trainer and Mentor - HUMINT (Source Operations)

David left the British Army in 2007 at the rank of Warrant Officer, having completed 22 years’ service, with more than 14 years’ conducting source handling operations in Northern Ireland and Iraq.   These included tours as a HUMINT controller, J2X Liaison Officer and instructor; David was also on attachment to a non-military organisation.  Upon leaving the Army, he deployed with the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) to facilitate HUMINT operations in Afghanistan. 

David joined New Century in 2008, undertaking HUMINT mentoring duties in Iraq and later as a trainer in Afghanistan.   More recently, he has coordinated the training of New Century personnel before their deployments and provides managerial expertise for the professional standards, compliance and quality assurance of an intelligence capacity-building programme.  


Former Army Officer 

Advisor, Trainer and Mentor, HUMINT (Surveillance)

He left the Army in 2013 at the rank of Major, having completed 35 years’ service, the majority (26 years) spent with the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR).  His career included HUMINT operations in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, the Balkans, North Africa and Afghanistan as Operations Officer, Sergeant Major, Liaison Officer and Officer Commanding.  His expertise encompasses technical surveillance and training in covert surveillance, close quarter battle and advanced target reconnaissance, culminating as Officer Commanding Training Squadron SRR. 

He recently completed postings on attachment to a non-military organisation.  Here, his expertise focused upon the planning, delivery and management of counterterrorism operations, conducting both surveillance and technical surveillance.  He has been involved in specialist advisory and doctrine writing tasks for New Century since leaving the Army.


Former Army Officer 
Trainer and Mentor, HUMINT (Source Operations)

He left the British Army in 2006 at the rank of Major, having completed 23 years’ service with more than 15 years’ source handling on operations in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus and the Balkans.  This experience included tours as a HUMINT handler and controller, SO2 J2X and commanding the HUMINT training unit; he was also on attachment to a non-military organisation.  In the four years following his departure from the army, he was involved in the design and development of a HUMINT training programme for a major NATO member. 

He joined New Century in 2010 and deployed as a lead mentor to Afghanistan.  After two years in this theatre he joined our UK-based doctrine and training team.  He has also been involved in the delivery of New Century’s specialist ‘train the trainer’ HUMINT courses to US DoD personnel. 


Mike Shearer 
Smart Power Influence
Mike is a former Senior British Military Spokesman with extensive communications experience at the very top echelons of Government and the Military.  He was the Press Information Centre Director in Basra for the British Army and later was the Strategic Communication Lead working from the US Embassy in Baghdad.  More recently he was the MOD communication lead on Afghanistan in Whitehall and for the NATO Summit in Newport.

Mike is currently leading a team in support of the US led coalition efforts to counter ‘Islamic State’. The team’s role is to train, advise and assist the partner nation win back the information space from extremists. In its basic form - it’s about intelligent targeting and communicating with a view to reshaping attitudes that effect behavior change.


Chris Terrington, MA (Law)

Ministerial Mentor - Intelligence Policy

Chris is a retired Colonel with 27 years' commissioned service in the British Army; Infantry then Intelligence Corps.  Senior HUMINT operational appointments included establishing the Defence HUMINT Unit (DHU) and Pentagon LNO immediately post 9/11 (US Meritorious Service Medal).  He has consulted in geopolitical intelligence in West Africa and Afghanistan.

Chris joined New Century in 2012 and deployed as a programme manager coordinating a large intelligence capacity-building training and mentoring effort in Afghanistan.  He subsequently became the senior Advisor and Mentor at Ministerial level.