"I firmly believe this course is successful due to the instruction of [the New Century trainers]. Their wealth of experience is what made this course relevant and understandable to me. This high quality must be maintained when teaching SF students, as many of us have extensive source operation experience, and we want to be taught by experts in this field."
Officer, US Army Special Operations Forces

New Century provides:

A comprehensive range of specialist law enforcement and military training and capability-building services to government and commercial clients

  • Hundreds of collective man-years of expertise possessed by SMEs, with proven experience of working for government clients worldwide
  • Programmes which focus upon enhancing students' professionalism, utilising and emphasising written doctrine and best practice, compliant with international standards, accountability and good governance

  • New Century does not provide training to individuals
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Our courses are based upon established and validated doctrine and are delivered by seasoned instructors who adapt training to the unique security, geographic and cultural landscape.  New Century trainers have garnered considerable operational experience across the spectrum of conflict, from conventional warfightling operations to low-intensity, police-led campaigns.  Our course catalogue briefly describes some of the instruction available – in general we have observed the greatest benefit for clients is achieved by following up training with field-based mentoring.

All courses are principally practical in delivery – we frequently find this approach is complimented by both the organisation and students alike as being refreshing and beneficial. We use a combination of lectures (explanation), tutorials (demonstration), extensive practical exercises (imitation) and a final summative exercise (practice) to deliver technical content.

Example courses