“[New Century’s programme] is not only helping [our] students but [also our] nation.  In all my 35 years in the [police] this is one of the best programmes I have seen and I want the training to remain long after the programme is gone.”

“…with regard to [New Century's] instructors and surveillance support team in particular, most Coalition trainers find it very difficult to adjust to the way Afghan police officers do business, but [your] trainers understand and do it seamlessly.”

Commandant, Afghan Training HQ 

New Century’s delivery of enhanced intelligence or organisational capability employs a framework approach, enforcing consistency in doctrine implementation and formal training.   Our unique capacity building products integrate bespoke codified doctrine with a professional standards compliance (or governance) model, specifically designed to monitor levels of internal performance and conformity with programme doctrine.

DoctrineOur methodology means that clients are provided with data at agreed intervals, using empirical evidence to illustrate the assimilation and institutionalisation of doctrine within their organisation.  Quantifiable metrics, pre-agreed with the customer, measure programme performance.

This scientific, non-anecdotal delivery approach ensures that accurate data and feedback about change management processes are available for client review.

Underpinning all New Century’s programmes is codified doctrine, which establishes a formal, comprehensive methodology and interlocking processes. The application of underlying techniques is always adapted to reflect consistently local prevailing processes and legal, cultural and organisational ‘norms’.

In consultation with clients, we conduct a four-stage product development:

  • Organisation  Structures are identified which create effective command and control processes within the client organisation.  Accordingly, a command hierarchy is established to enable the delivery of effective intelligence operations.
  • Doctrine  Comprehensive material is developed in the form of written Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to provide an institutionalised base for intelligence and Special Forces (SF) operational activity.  This is particularly relevant for intelligence-led operations utilising surveillance and SF support teams.  TTPs form the doctrinal basis for training personnel to build the professional skill base within the client organisation.
  • Training and Mentoring  A programme is designed and aligned with the client organisation’s key positions or ranks for delivery via professional mentors and trainers.  Personnel receive direct face-to-face mentoring in the programme TTPs by New Century’s SMEs. 
  • Professional Standards  A comprehensive Code of Ethics is developed and implemented in a consultative manner, ensuring the culture and ethos of the organisation is founded upon the protection of the rights and liberties of citizens, as guaranteed under national and international law.

In delivering capacity-building programmes, New Century utilises the wealth of experience and knowledge from our extensive team of Subject Matter Experts to develop doctrine and procedures across a broad spectrum of intelligence-based operational skills and techniques.  Mentors and trainers are thus empowered to transfer knowledge and skills to their client counterparts in a readily accessible and consistent form.  This customised doctrine endures as a ‘legacy’ within client organisations after our work is complete, providing a lasting framework for the future consistent application of best practice.