The Seven Pillars of New Century's Approach


Our flexible programmes are delivered using seven methodological pillars, by which a layered and coherent structure can emerge.


Pillar One  Subject Matter Experts who are professional practitioners of the highest possible standard.  Where required, SMEs team with linguists who are also cultural advisors.

Pillar Two  Codified doctrine, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures which are client-owned and incorporate programme milestones, objectives and targets, accountable to the third pillar - Command. 

Pillar Three  Command must always be at the highest level and have ministerial accountability. 

Pillar Four  Performance and compliance measure to quality assure and warn if objectives are not to be met, using internal processes to ensure standardisation.

Pillar Five  Delivery at the front line by mentors at every level on a measured but continual, experiential basis - not 'drive-by' mentoring.

Pillar Six  Structured and progressive training to deliver standard curricula that may be fully transitioned through a train-the-trainer programme.

Pillar Seven  New Century's programmes permit personnel to achieve immediate operational effect.   Evidence has been substantiated at the highest levels with repeated plaudits from our clients and mentees.