New Century recognises that the demand for, and provision of, security of persons and assets must be combined with a strict respect for internationally recognised commercial principles and generally accepted commercial practices.  We endeavour, through all our activities, to reflect awareness that:

  • The provision of security is protective and constructive in nature and plays an integral part in the development of strong communities and economies.
  • The security sector is enhanced by professional standards and working practices, particularly in parts of the world where it suffers from reputational problems.
  • We do not engage in activities that exacerbate insecurity or the violation of basic human rights and dignities, regardless of the field of operations or geographic location.

Potential engagements are assessed on a case-by-case basis, with full awareness of the political, economic and reputational implications, to ensure that these principles are upheld.

New Century is a founder member of the ISOA (International Stability Operations Association), a US non-profit trade association, whose member organisations work in the growing area of stabilisation and peace-keeping services and are guided by their published Code of Conduct.

"New Century provides specialist doctrine to clients which incorporates Human Rights law, Criminal Law and a Professional Code of Ethics, to ensure the very highest standards of professional conduct"
Norman Baxter, Director Doctrine and Standards