dod-logoWe deliver services under a variety of contracts to our international client base, with our most significant client being the United States Government, and in particular the US Department of Defense.

Since establishing the company, New Century has provided extensive advice and support to a variety of important and substantial DoD programmes.

Our programmes have consistently achieve tangible and quantifiable positive effect, giving clients the confidence to renew projects or extend periods of performance and scope of work.

Although client and project confidentiality precludes us from expanding further on the nature of our activities and customer details, references are available.

To make any enquiry, please contact us.

"The US military do not have the experience to advise, guide and train on police intelligence procedures .... this is recognised by the US Government, who has
addressed the issue by appointing the best intelligence mentors available in the
form of [New Century's program]"
US Officer Commanding, Afghanistan