New Century's innovative and unique approach to the delivery of intelligence- and security-led training and mentoring ensures that capability best practices are institutionalised within the client organisation, creating enduring, long-term effect.

Embedding knowledge

  • Structured capacity-building model ensures client institutions and personnel attain enduring standards
  • The model is able to integrate with existing programmes to incorporate their best practice and value
  • 'Train the Trainer' modules ensure knowledge-transfer is replicated within the client organisation after the programme schedule is completed
  • Symposia - events where mentors are invited to coordinate ideas as to how doctrine can best be adapted and developed to suit mentoring 'on the ground'

Quality of skills transfer

  • SMEs have first-hand experience in development and delivery of tailored doctrine and skills transfer programmes
  • SMEs can be accompanied by a UK secret-cleared cultural adviser, to deliver training in the local language and understand local tactics, techniques and procedures

Rank-ranged mentoring

  • Our focus is on building long-term stability, therefore programmes ensure that the client's personnel, from Ministerial level to Field officer level, are embrace the benefits
  • SMEs have experience of delivering national policing and military activity, from the strategic level to local implementation
  • At the highest level, provision of an Advisory Board of international experts, which can provide policy guidance to the project leadership
"The project's systematic approach... for Host Nation police informant handling professionalization is unmatched"
US customer representative