Our capacity-building model provides a structured, consistent & measurable approach to the professionalisation of security management practices, using metrics and internal quality controls to ensure the timely and lasting achievement of client objectives.  New Century's Technical department designs, regulates and evaluates the mechanisms by which skills are transferred.    

Quality control and assurance

  • Internationally recognised standards of commercial practice, accountability, reporting, and quality control are applied
  • Quality assurance achieved through an internal model of compliance inspection and review
  • Quality assured by external invigilators, programmes have been tested in research and development phases with police-based counter insurgencies
  • Doctrine incorporates human rights law, criminal law and a professional code of ethics

Internal compliance

  • Internal compliance officers ensure programme-specific metrics are achieved
  • Program delivery is augmented by regular management support visits, plus reach-back support from our Technical department

External auditing

  • Clients are encouraged to use independent auditors to oversee their programme and monitor progress towards objectives and value for money
  • Suitable monitoring organisations include RAND and The Brookings Institution
"Intelligence is being collected routinely and processed in a way that leads to operational success"
Independent Assessment of Project Performance